Here at A Sense of Home, we LOVE our volunteers!

Volunteers are the backbone of this amazing, diverse community of care. 
Our data systems, websites, social media efforts - even this form - are all created by volunteers.
There are many ways to volunteer and be a part of this loving community. Beyond the home creation are essential roles for growing this remarkable movement.
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Mentor / Job Coach / Life Coach

Please let us know if you would like to meet youth and open up your wisdom and community to them. It’s all about opportunities and finding the gifts and talents within.
Home Creations (Individual)

Everyone gets a humanity high from home creations. It’s a once in a life time experience of love. You can sign up as a group or individual.

You can learn more about  corporate sponsorships & group volunteer opportunities here:

If you'd like to volunteer as an individual, please be aware that there is a wait list.
Warehouse Volunteering

A warehouse sounds boring, but not the ASOH warehouse! It is a very happening place to be. 
On Fridays we prep for home creations taking place on the weekend. It is as fun of an experience as a home creation. Youth pay it forward at the warehouse. It's an opportunity to get further involved and connected with amazing community members.

Guys: We'll ask you to do the heavy lifting as well as some organizing. 
Ladies: Help us sort through and create inspiring kits from our incredible home good donations (e.g. cooking kits, dining kits, decor kits, linen kits, toy kits etc.).

Please note our warehouse is located in Carson, CA. 
Home Good Drive

Become part of our amazing team of volunteers that dedicate their time to organize donation drives in their community that turn into essential kits for each home. Kits are dropped off in our warehouse in Carson, CA. Drives include  — collecting art, throw pillows, side tables, cooking essentials, dining ware, decor, linens & comforters & pillows, toys, bathroom wares, books, cleaning supplies & hygiene essentials.

Help ASOH find innovative ways to raise funds. We welcome your community coming together to help us grow,  and enable others to replicate in other regions.
PR / Social Media

Our former foster youth Leaders are responsible for our social media. If you would like to mentor these amazing youth staff members to impart the skills that they can implement at ASOH —  we welcome your passion and expertise!
Grant Writing / Introductions to Foundations

Check this box if you are are interested in helping us get introduced to foundations we match with to receive grants.
Technology/Business Operations

Help ASOH streamline all of its systems and workflows so we can be the most effective organization possible.
Content Creation

If you are editor, cinematographer, photographer, and/or studio owner we welcome your resources, passion and expertise.

Our former foster youth Leaders are responsible for creating content to tell the ASOH story — and hence the stories of their peers. If you would like to mentor these amazing youth staff members to impart the skills that they can implement at ASOH  — we welcome your passion, brilliance and expertise.

If you have a studio and/ or a producer and want to help youth record their music and spoke word — we welcome your expertise and creativity.
Public Speaking Coach

Our youth Leaders are being asked to present to larger and larger audiences. If you have skills and insights to impart to these amazing leaders — please connect with us.
Credit Training

If you would like to teach youth how to build up their credit — please connect with us and tell us how you’d like to teach these amazing Leaders.
Resumes and Interview Training

If you would like to teach youth how to prepare for the workforce — please connect with us and tell us how you’d like to teach these amazing Leaders.

If you have expertise in early attachment trauma and would like to donate your time in one on one therapy — we welcome your time, expertise and compassion.
Mechanic / Car Buying

if you would like to donate your time in helping a youth choose or maintain a car — we welcome your time, expertise, and compassion.

Our marketing, websites and emails are run by volunteers and youth Leaders. Click yes, if you have experience in these fields and are interested in helping us form a solid strategy around marketing & communications, mentor our youth and/or lend your mad word ninja skills to spruce up our website/emails.
Yoga and Meditation

If you wold like to donate your time or open up your class to give youth free yoga and/ or meditation classes we welcome your heart, expertise, and compassion.
Other Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to volunteer doe ASOH differently? Please let us know about any additional volunteer ideas you'd like to offer your time for.
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{{answer_34931085}}, we will endeavor to harness your gifts & talents, so that you may empower a former foster youth to embrace their gifts & capabilities.

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